sleeping kittyHave you ever put on a bathrobe, warm and fresh from the dryer? That plush comfort and dreamy aroma are enough to whisk you away to a better mood.

Now, have you ever folded fresh laundry, only to have your cat come and cuddle up in it? Chances are, kitty feels the same way about your clothes as you did about that bathrobe! Don’t worry, here are a few tips to help correct the behavior without stealing the moment from your cat.

Create a better cat bed

As the descendants of desert-dwelling African wild cats, domestic cats will often instinctively seek out warmer places. Sometimes, your pile of fresh laundry is the closest thing that fits the bill. Not to mention, it has an added layer of comfort because it smells like you. You can recreate these warm, fuzzy feelings by making a cat bed out of an old sweatshirt or t-shirt that you no longer wear. Place it into a cardboard box or use it as an outer sleeve for a self-warming mat.

Have a sacrificial pile of clothes

Consider setting aside a pile out of your comforter or the clothes that you wear the least often. You can encourage your cat to nestle into it by leaving a helping of treats or catnip there. By making the approved pile more appealing than the clothing that needs to be washed or folded, you’re providing a “yes” for a “no.”

Change laundry locations

When all else fails, you should always fall back on that golden nugget of cat wisdom: “If you can’t change the behavior, change the environment.” Get into the habit of folding your clothes behind a closed door. Or, immediately after you’ve finished folding your laundry, put them away in a drawer instead of leaving them out.

Does your kitty have a favorite place to sleep? Our pet sitters want to make sure your kitty stays relaxed and comfortable while you’re away. So be sure to show your pet sitter where all of his or her favorite nap time locations are.

Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

Photo by Vnukko on pixabay.