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West Side Cat Sitter – Jenny

Experienced West Side Cat Sitter giving your cat professional cat sitting services and careJenny
West Side Cat Sitter

My name is Jenny Deady and I have been a pet sitter with Katie’s Kitty since 2011. During my time as a Katie’s Kitty pet sitter, I have garnered extensive experience taking care of many cats with a variety of unique needs.

I love cats! Our first family pets growing up in Ireland were cats and, in fact, I do not recall a time when we did not have a cat. All our pets have been cats with two exceptions; some fish and a little bush-baby (a small African lemur). My family lived in Tanzania, East Africa in the 80’s where we rescued the little bush-baby (small African lemur) that was being sold at a market. We planned to let it go back to the wild but it decided to adopt us for a while. He was called “Mad Morris” and liked to swing out of our mosquito nets.

In 2003 I inherited a former roommate’s cat named Zoe or ‘ZO ZO’, her pet name. She was my other half, my friend, and confidante. Her favorite things to do were to play hide & seek, snuggle on the coach, sleep under the covers with me during the winter months and watch pigeons. Her favorite toy was a peacock feather. Sadly Zoe passed away in July, 2015 at the age of 14. I miss her terribly.

A few years ago I attended an amazing weekend long animal communications workshop given by gifted animal communicator and psychic Amelia Kinkade, author of the books “The Language of Miracles” and “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”. This was an awesome experience and I learned some techniques on how to tune into and connect with animals on their frequency.  I have subsequently had great success coaxing shy and moody cats into accepting love and cuddles. Naturally, of course, if a kitty prefers to be left alone, I respect and honor this need as well.

Professionally I have a theater background and have worked as a theater stage manager off-Broadway since my arrival to New York in 2005. During the week I also work at a giving foundation as an administrative assistant; a job I dearly love.

I live in Hell’s Kitchen & have many clients in the neighborhood whose kitties I care for on a regular basis.

I am available to visit once or twice daily depending on your pet’s unique needs. I refresh the water and food, and scoop the litter box. I also spend time playing with, brushing, and talking to your cat/s.  And since losing my beloved Zoe this past summer, I am offer cat boarding services and would be delighted to have feline company in my home.

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