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Upper West Side Cat Sitters, Erin & Chris

Upper West Side cat sitters

Erin and Chris
Upper West Side Cat Sitters

My name is Erin and I live and work on the Upper West Side. I’m a bartender at a cute little dive bar, but I also love to make new feline friends through Katie’s Kitty! My partner Chris and I both fostered and volunteered for a humane society in our hometown of San Diego, so we have experience with different ages, quirks, levels of socialization, and administering medications. We have a very spoiled, very vocal, very cuddly 13-years-old bonded pair of Maine Coon/Tabbies, Marlowe and Laurel. We adopted them when they were just nine weeks old and they have made every day absolutely amazing.

I have only been with Katie’s Kitty since the 2019 holiday season, but have already cared for dozens of kitties. Chris has been helping me with kitty sitting lately, which has allowed us to tend to more clients’ needs with greater flexibility. Chris grew up with kitties and has always had the gift of cat whispering. I couldn’t have pets growing up, so I’ve been making up for lost time by befriending every puppy and kitty I see! When we go out of town we leave a two-page list of instructions for the sitter (seriously, lol). So we totally understand the fur-parent stress of being away from your babies. When we visit cats we always treat them like our own, giving as much love and attention as they want. My favorite thing is to sit on the floor and chat with them until we get to know each other and let them decide when we’re buddies. We would love to get to know your fur babies, and can’t wait to meet you!

Contact us today to set up a time for you and your cat to meet Erin and Chris!