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Upper West Side Cat Sitter offering professional cat sitting services while you travel.Lee
Upper West Side Cat Sitter

Originally from Rhode Island, I moved to New York to finish my oboe degree. Since completing school, I have become a manager at the Juilliard store. In addition to my duties there, I am one of the founding members of the Fresh Squeezed Opera Company, a small company with a mission to present new operas. In October of 2016, after having used the services of Katie’s Kitty a few times, I decided that cat sitting would be the perfect addition to my life.

I have two cats of my own, Avery and Buster. Avery (pictured here) is a sly little princess. She’s about 10 years old, has a total of eight teeth, and scar tissue covers the lens of her left eye. None of these things gets her down though, and she’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with. Buster is a bit ditsy. He suffered an unknown accident as a kitten, which left him with a little less than half his tail. He also has FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), which is what led me to Katie’s Kitty in the first place. He eats prescription food and requires a very specific feeding routine. So I wanted to be certain I had someone who would go the extra mile to make sure he was well taken care of when I was away.

One of my favorite aspects of being a cat sitter is that I get to meet many different cats. It never ceases to amaze me how every cat has a unique personality. It’s so much fun to start from scratch and learn what each cat likes―their favorite toy, their favorite treat, that one spot on their back that they love to be scratched. These are the wonderful little discoveries I get to make with each cat that I care for. And when I have the privilege of becoming a cat’s regular sitter, it’s always a joy when they first start to recognize me and, ultimately, even get excited to see me. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received was when a client returned home and told me, “When we came in last night the cats seemed disappointed it was us―and not you―coming though the door.” Another favorite comment was, “You should feel like you’ve caught a rare Pokémon!” That was said to me after I sent a client a picture of her cat―one I was told I would certainly never see―enjoying a relaxing belly rub. I look forward to meeting you and your feline companion.

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