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Upper East Side and Manhattan cat sitting services available for cat visits in the Midtown Area Hi! My name is Julie, and I’ve been working with Katie’s Kitty since 2007, and available for cat visits in the Midtown Area (East 40-50-60’s plus). I’ve met so many incredible cats and owner during that time! Some of them have become like family since I’ve visited their cats off & on for seven years! I’d be happy to meet with you for free whenever you are looking for a caring, reliable cat sitter to visit your very special furry companion. Although visits are scheduled for 1/2 hour, I never look at my watch. I stay until I feel the cat has gotten what it needs to feel safe and secure while its owner is away.

Let me to tell you briefly about my background and experience. I am an artist who has worked part time for a Fine Arts Gallery in Soho then Chelsea for ten years. Currently, the gallery is closing and leaving me the freedom to provide cat visiting services full time. I’ve resided in my doorman building in the East Fifties for almost 25 years, so you’ll find me very responsible. I’ve always had cat companions since childhood, and love them dearly. At present, I have one thirteen year old female, (black & white tuxedo), Silly, who is, of course, incredibly wonderful! However, during the 90’s, I had seven cats…..all precious. It was like living in the Serengheti plains! I was allowed to share their habitat, my apt. As they aged, I gained lots of skills . . . like giving medications, fluids, and dealing with aging problems. I gave up an offer to sail the Greek Islands, because I would not leave my cat that needed fluids daily for kidney problems. So, I’m most definitely a “cat person”!

Insured and bonded cat sitter Upper East Side, Midtown and Manhattan New York CityWhen we meet, you can tell me about your furry friend, and if he/she has any special needs, wants or desires! (i.e. the food schedule, favorite games, brushing, etc). I’d love to hear as much as possible about his/her personality since I want you to feel comfortable entrusting your cat into my care. I love interacting with the different personalities and situations. It is so rewarding to open the door and find a beautiful cat or cats waiting just for you! You are most likely the only person they will see that day! And earning their trust by offering not just food and water and a clean litter box (most important since they have an incredible sharp sense of smell) but patience (I practice yoga), affection, comfort, exercise and empathy.

Like our cats with nine lives, I’ve had a few lives myself. I grew up in Los Angeles but moved to NYC after college to pursue acting. I played On Broadway, Off Broadway, toured, etc. Later, I found myself creating a new life doing portrait sculptures of people in bronze, glass, & marble. Both careers required a great deal of empathy — you need to feel yourself in another person’s shoes to better understand their personality.

Now, of course, I try to feel myself in another’s paws! A most important skill when relating to cats! It is never boring! Playfulness also comes in handy, if they want it. (Cats will come around on their own time schedule not yours. It’s that wonderful independent streak that makes them so special). I dance daily with my own cat, Silly. (I call her my golden girl after spending over 6k when she had a liver inflammation two years ago!) I chase her from room to room and up her 5’ scratching post. We have lots of games. But mostly, she loves to be rubbed, hugged, massaged. She’s a touchy feely cat! Some aren’t. I respect their boundaries as well as those of their owner/companions. It’s an intimate affair being allowed into someone’s home and building trust is a most important factor.

I’ve learned so much over the years. And, I’m able to share my experiences — if wanted. One young man, rather new to cats but very loving, lived with his cat in a bedroom while sharing the apt with others. I asked him to leave a light on, and brought over a radio so his kitty could have classical music. In London, I understand all the shelters have them and it’s been proven to calm the animals. I also brought over wand toys since kitties love to interact with you . . . and have you work as hard as them! And . . . .I moved the tall kitty scratching post with platforms from the corner over to the window so kitty had a great spot to view the world and birds! And, yes, he did book me after that!

If you have any question feel free to call or e-mail me at any time. I’m very cat and people friendly! I try to make them feel very loved and spoiled during my visits (as all our cats deserve!).

You’ll receive daily e-mails (and photos if you like) of our adventures while you are away. I will treat them as if they were my own golden girl, Silly!

Anyhow, remember to leave a light on, and some classical music . . . and call Katie’s Kitty for the finest cat sitters in NYC! We are insured and bonded to boot! (Puss n’ boots?)

Contact us today to set up a time to talk about your pets and your pet sitting needs!