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Upper East Side Cat Sitter – Julie

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Upper East Side and Manhattan cat sitting services available for cat visits in the Midtown Area

Hi! My name is Julie, and I’ve been working with Katie’s Kitty since 2007. I’m available for home visits in Midtown East (E. 40s-50s-60s plus) as well as cat boarding in my home. I’ve met so many incredible cats and owners over the years, and many have become like family as I regularly visit and board their cats. I’d be happy to schedule a free “meet and greet” with you whenever you find yourself looking for a caring, reliable cat sitter to visit your special furry companion. Although visits are typically scheduled for a half-hour or an hour in duration, I never look at my watch. I stay until I feel the cat feels safe and secure while its owner/companion is away.

Insured and bonded cat sitter Upper East Side, Midtown and Manhattan New York CityLet me tell you briefly about my background and experience. I am an artist (portrait sculpture) who worked for a Fine Arts Gallery in SoHo and Chelsea for 10 years (until it closed). I’ve resided in my doorman building in the East Fifties for almost 25 years, so you’ll find me very responsible. I’ve had feline companions since childhood, and love them dearly. Two years ago, I “lost” my last cat, silly, a black & white tuxedo (pictured here) who was incredibly wonderful! But now I share that love with my feline boarders. During the 90s, I had seven cats… all precious. It was like living in the Serengeti plains! They graciously allowed me to share their habitat (my apartment). As they grew older, I gained a lot of skills… like giving medications, fluids, and dealing with aging-related issues. So, I’m most definitely a “cat person!”

When we meet, you can tell me all about your furry friend and if he or she has any special needs, wants, or desires. I’d love to hear as much as possible since I want you to feel comfortable entrusting your cat into my care. I’m truly mindful that I’m the only person they might see that day. So earning their trust is my first priority. And not just by offering food, water, and a clean litter box (cats have an incredibly sharp sense of smell), but also through patience (I practice yoga), affection, belly rubs, exercise, and empathy. I respect their boundaries as well as those of their owners/companions.

I hope you’ll call Katie’s Kitty (or fill out a form on the “Request Service” webpage) to connect with some of the finest cat sitters in NYC. We are insured and bonded to boot. (Puss ‘n Boots!) If you engage my services, you’ll receive daily emails and photos of our adventures. And I invite all clients to call or email me at any time with any questions. Be sure to leave a small light on… and some classical music playing for them. 😊

Contact us today to set up a time to talk about your pets and your pet sitting needs!