In spite of the economic issues, the pet industry is still going strong, and pet sitting is one business that continues to grow.

Christie Joy goes to work every day in jeans and a T-shirt and works with some real animals. “The best part of pet-sitting is it’s something you can be proud of and passionate about,” says Joy, of Treasured Pets, Tyler, Texas. She takes care of all types of pets and enjoys getting to know the pets and their families. “It’s an intimate business because not only are you taking care of what some people feel are their children but you’re going into their homes,” says Joy.
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

People spent more than $43 billion on their pets last year, according to Pet Sitters International (PSI) and the American Pet Products Association.


Pet sitters do more than show up to pour out a few scoops of food and refill the water bowl. Joy says they also might administer medications, walk dogs, play with cats “and, my favorite, give out treats.” Most pet sitters also perform house-sitting duties such as bringing in mail or taking out trash, opening and closing blinds and turning alarms and lights on and off.

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