catMost of us love to include our pets in our holiday celebrations. They’re family too, after all. But, before you prepare your cat or dog a plate of Thanksgiving dinner, be sure you know what food is safe for them to eat. has some excellent advice about some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods, and whether or not our pets should partake.

Thanksgiving is at time for family, football and, of course, food. With a cornucopia of guests — and their kids — descending on your house, there will be lots of extra people trying to pass a tasty treat to your cat or dog. They may have the best of intentions, but “people food” isn’t always the best for your four-legged friend.

To keep things safe, read this list about which Turkey Day food favorites are safe for pets to eat and which ones may leave you cleaning up a mess.

Going to someone’s house? Even if your pet is great with table scraps, it doesn’t mean that your relative’s cat can tolerate the same amount. Always check with the owner before you offer a pet any additional food.

In general, any newly introduced food can induce vomiting, and even diarrhea. When we switch an animal from one diet to another, we generally do it gradually over one to two weeks. So keep new foods minimal, especially if Fido and Kitty haven’t added them to their palette before.

For pets with health problems, their owners should always check with their veterinarians prior to changing their diets.

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