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We offer cat sitting and boarding services in the following areas of Queens, New York:

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Queens, New York Cat Sitting, Boarding, and Kennels: What You Need to Know

This article is offered by Katie’s Kitty in an effort to make your search for a Queens cat sitter, cat boarder, or kennel as pleasant as possible.

Queens, NY Kennels

Kennels come in many varieties – some are stand-alone facilities, some are affiliated with veterinary offices, some with grooming salons. Word-of-mouth is always best when it comes to a local business. If they are good at what they do, it is likely that people in the neighborhood will know it. Never go by advertising alone (anyone can make their facility look good in an ad). Instead, ask for the names of existing customers that you can call to inquire about their experiences. Most importantly, make sure that you visit the kennel before deciding.

One advantage of a kennel is that your cat will be in a facility with multiple staff members. Another advantage will be financial (kennels are usually the cheapest option). One downside is that the staff changes with the shift and, consequently, there’s little opportunity for your cat to bond with a caregiver. Also, in such an environment you are dependent upon the facility’s diligence to ensure that the vaccinations of other cats are current.

Among the questions to ask: What are the sizes of the cages? How often will a staff member look in on my cat? Will my cat get roaming privileges? If so, is that “free time” supervised? Do you house both cats and dogs? If so, are the cages in the same or different rooms?

Queens, NY Cat Sitting

When an individual comes to your home for the purpose of caring for your cat, that is called “cat sitting.” As with Queens kennels, there is a broad spectrum of quality and types of cat sitters.

One of the advantages of going the sitting route is that your cat doesn’t have to leave an environment with which s/he is familiar and comfortable. One of the downsides is that a stranger will be coming into your home. It is therefore of utmost importance – for you and your cat – that you feel good about the person.

Questions to ask: What services are included in your visit? How long will you stay per visit? (Visits are typically 30 minutes, with longer visits possible.) How long have you been cat sitting? Do you have references? Are you insured and bonded? Do you work independently or are you affiliated with an agency? Can I call an existing client for a recommendation?

Queens, NY Cat Boarding

If your cat is “people oriented” and you sense that s/he needs more company and attention than a 30-minute daily home visit would provide, then “boarding” may be the way to go. In a cat boarding scenario, you typically bring your cat to live in another person’s home while you’re away. Choosing between sitting and boarding is a matter best determined by your cat’s temperament. If your cat hates to travel and loves your home as much as you do, then having a sitter makes more sense. But if your cat craves human companionship, the boarding option is a good alternative.

Although your cat may initially be afraid and go into hiding, unlike a kennel environment, s/he will be dealing with only one person. And if that person is truly a cat lover (cats can tell), your cat will warm up to the new caregiver within a period of a few days.

Questions to ask the boarder: Do you have any pets of your own? Do you work from home and/or will you be home most of the day? Do you intend to take in other “feline tenants” during the period that you will be boarding my cat? (Most persons who do cat boarding board one cat at a time.)

The major advantage of this option is that your cat will get much more than a brief home visit. The only real “disadvantage” is the cost (it being the most expensive of the traditional choices).

Sleep Over Sitter

Although not commonly done, you can find a person who will move into your home for the purpose of caring for your cat. Due to the high fee attached, this is generally best left as a “last resort” when the cat’s needs are significant to the point that this level of care is called for (e.g., an elderly cat that needs frequent medication). Remember, most persons will have daytime obligations and will mostly be at your home mornings, evenings and overnight.

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