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Queens Cat Sitter – Meghan

Certified Vet Tech cat sitting services and sleepovers in your home in Queeens. Astoria, Long Island City, and Sunnyside area.Meghan
Astoria, Long Island City, and Sunnyside Cat Sitter
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Hello from Astoria, Queens! I am so happy I have the opportunity to work as a pet sitter through Katie’s Kitty while I pursue my certification as a veterinary technician, as it allows me to do what I love most―spend time with some furry, four-legged friends! I have always found a way to incorporate animal welfare and pet services into my life, whether it be through owning my own dog walking business, volunteering for animal rescue groups, or fostering orphan kittens.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and was raised to love and respect all animals―I was the kid who was constantly bringing home baby birds, stray cats and dogs, and injured rabbits to rehabilitate and set free with the help of a wildlife rescue or foster until a home could be found (if I begged my mom, sometimes our house would become their permanent home). I currently have two rescue dogs and one cat, Chuck, who I saved from the streets of Brooklyn when he was about a week old. You would never know how tiny he was because he has grown up to be a BIG boy!

Our pets become our family members and I understand the level of trust and responsibility you place in a pet sitter; I recognize every pet as an individual and personalize my pet sitting services to pay special attention to each cat’s medical and emotional needs. Thank you for considering me as someone to fill this very important role in your cat’s life while you are away. I look forward to meeting with you―and your kitty!

Contact us today to set up a time for you and your cat to meet Meghan!