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Astoria, Queens cat sitterAndrea G.
Queens Manager

Hi there! I’m Andrea, and I am delighted to be a pet sitter with Katie’s Kitty in Astoria, NY! I have experience pet sitting for a variety of animals; dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles too! I am also accustomed to administering medications to pets who have special health issues. I currently have one fluffy orange and white cat named Walter. He is a medium haired Turkish Van mix, rescued from the streets of Brooklyn. Walter is now a true gentleman, and is even toilet trained! He can also give a great high five. I’m crazy about him.

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julie prince

Manhattan Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Julie, and I’ve been working with Katie’s Kitty since 2007. I’m available for home visits in Midtown East (E. 40s-50s-60s plus) as well as cat boarding in my home. I’ve met so many incredible cats and owners over the years, and many have become like family as I regularly visit and board their cats. I’d be happy to schedule a free “meet and greet” with you whenever you find yourself looking for a caring, reliable cat sitter to visit your special furry companion. Although visits are typically scheduled for a half-hour or an hour in duration, I never look at my watch. I stay until I feel the cat feels safe and secure while its owner/companion is away.

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Manhattan Cat Sitter

Hi, I’m Jacqueline! I’m a recent graduate from Hunter College living in Alphabet City with my free-roam bunny. I’ve grown up with pets all my life, including three cats, three dogs, and a rabbit. In addition to taking care of my own pets, I’ve spent the past twelve years pet-sitting for neighbors, friends, and relatives, both in NYC and my hometown in New Jersey.

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NYC Cat Sitter

My name is Anna and I have been a pet sitter, in Manhattan, for Peter Lindenbaum at Katie’s Kitty since 2004.

I am a true animal lover and have had pets my entire life. I had dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters and even a lizard. I decided to become a pet sitter because of my love for animals and my passion to have them in my life. Currently, I live with my very friendly kitty named Riley and my dog, Valentina. They bring me so much love and joy!

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Upper West Side cat sitters

Erin & Chris
Upper West Side Cat Sitters

My name is Erin and I live and work on the Upper West Side. I’m a bartender at a cute little dive bar, but I also love to make new feline friends through Katie’s Kitty! My partner Chris and I both fostered and volunteered for a humane society in our hometown of San Diego, so we have experience with different ages, quirks, levels of socialization, and administering medications. We have a very spoiled, very vocal, very cuddly 13-years-old bonded pair of Maine Coon/Tabbies, Marlowe and Laurel. We adopted them when they were just nine weeks old and they have made every day absolutely amazing.

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Brooklyn cat sitterEmely
Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Hey there! My name is Emely (yes, with two E’s). I am a new sitter at Katie’s Kitty (Fall 2020) and found my way here while seeking cat-specific pet sitting after working as a dog and cat sitter through Rover. My years of professional and personal experience as a cat sitter include duties like playing, feeding, cleaning, grooming, brushing, litter cleanup, and administering liquid and tablet medications.

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Brooklyn cat sitter

Brooklyn Cat Sitter

My name is Rachel. A bit about me: I’m a native Brooklynite and have over three years of experience working for animal shelters and pet sitting companies. I am currently attending graduate school fulltime at Hunter College to pursue a master’s degree in social work. I am proud to say that during my time in animal welfare I coordinated the adoption and foster placement of hundreds of homeless animals across New York City.

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Manhattan east side pet sitterStephanie P.
Manhattan East Side Pet Sitter

Hello, my name is Stephanie.

A bit about me: I’m a health writer and pet sitter/pet boarder living in Kip’s Bay. I grew up working in my father’s veterinary clinic (he’s a vet and a professor of veterinary medicine) and have been caring for my own and other people’s pets my entire life.

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Brooklyn pet sitterStephanie
Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Hi there, I’m Stephanie! I’m an artist, musician, community organizer, non-profit worker and much more living in Clinton Hill. I’ve had the joy of caring for lots of different animals, both personally and professionally. From dogs, to rabbits, to fish, I’ve learned to love many small creatures.

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Manhattan cat sitterLauren
Manhattan Cat Sitter

I am a freelance writer who has lived on the Upper West side and Harlem for 8 years.  My ornery tuxedo cat George is the light of my life (don’t tell my husband!).  My love for animals began in childhood, when my sisters and I spent time on our grandparents’ farm in rural Ohio, and interacted with cows, sheep, dogs, cats, and chickens.

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Jackson Heights Cat Sitter

My name is Norzin. I am ecstatic to be a pet sitter for Katie’s Kitty in Queens, NY! I grew up in rural India, surrounded by nature and different animals including cats and dogs. I am accustomed to their various traits and personalities. Now that I live in New York, I miss being around animals which is why I really love pet sitting. It gives me so much pleasure and joy to be around these beautiful, friendly and adorable pets.

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brooklyn cat sitterKristian
Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Kristian, and I am an actor/singer/cat lover living in Brooklyn! I have lived with cats previously and found that they were always my favorite roommates. 🙂 I do not have any cats of my own at the moment, but am looking forward to rescuing a furry friend very soon!

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Brooklyn cat sitterJess
Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Hi, I’m Jess and I’ve been a cat sitter with Katie’s Kitty since 2018. I have loved all animals since I was a little girl, inherited from my grandmother who used to always take in and care for stray dogs and cats. My love for animals lead me to pursue a career in animal welfare, and I have worked as a rescue placement coordinator for a local NYC animal shelter since 2005.

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Queens cat sitterMeghan
Queens Cat Sitter

Hello from Astoria, Queens! I am so happy I have the opportunity to work as a pet sitter through Katie’s Kitty while I pursue my certification as a veterinary technician, as it allows me to do what I love most―spend time with some furry, four-legged friends! I have always found a way to incorporate animal welfare and pet services into my life, whether it be through owning my own dog walking business, volunteering for animal rescue groups, or fostering orphan kittens.

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Hell's Kitchen cat sitterAmy
Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen Cat Sitter

Hello! My name is Amy and I live in Chelsea in NYC. I work from home and my flexible schedule has allowed me to pet sit for the past four years for many different types of animals. It gives me so much pleasure and joy to be around all animals, I currently do not have any of my own, but I have owned both cats and dogs throughout my entire life. I’m very positive, affectionate, flexible and I love to spoil them! I understand how important it is to know your pet is comfortable, happy and cared for while you are away. I will give your pet the love and attention while making sure to tailor each visit to your pet’s needs so that they are as happy as can be in your absence.

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Astoria cat sitterAli
Astoria Cat Sitter

As a pet owner and lifelong animal lover, I understand how important it is to know your pet is comfortable, happy and cared for while you are away. I will give your cat the love and attention that I give to my own, while making sure to tailor each visit to your cat’s needs so that they are as happy as can be in your absence.

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Manhattan cat sitter, JessJess
Manhattan Cat Sitter

Hi, I’m Jess! I’m brand new to Katie’s Kitty (as of June 2019). But I have been cat sitting professionally for three years and have lived with cats for my entire life. I’m a literary agent and a crisis counselor, and I love starting my morning or ending my day hanging out with some animals.

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Manhattan cat sitter, near Columbus CirclePaula
Manhattan Cat Sitter

My name is Paula and I live in the Columbus Circle area on 57th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues near the 1, A, B, C and D trains, also close to the N & R. My husband and I love cats! Since my husband is retired and I work freelance in the event and meeting planning industry, someone is home most of time when boarding a cat, providing continual attention to the pet we are caring for. We do not have other cats in our apartment; we attend to a client’s cat exclusively.

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Astoria, Queens Cat Sitter

My name is Rachel, and I have been a cat sitter with Katie’s Kitty since summer 2016, and I have informally cat-sat for friends for years.  I grew up with many cats in my home, and I shared a home with my own elderly kitty for two years.  I have also served as a cat socialization volunteer at the ASPCA on the Upper East Side since 2013, so I have a lot of experience with a wide range of cat personalities.  Besides cat sitting, I work full-time in the nonprofit/philanthropy sector and am pursuing a MPA at NYU Wagner.

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forest hills cat sitterJoyce
Forest Hills Cat Sitter

Joyce Friedman lives in Queens and has over 20 years of experience caring for cats. She has expertise in giving all kinds of medication and fluids. She also works for The Humane Society of the United States as NYC Coordinator and is a former social worker. She loves meeting new cats and their people.

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Upper East Side and Astoria Pet SitterJessica
Upper East Side and Astoria Pet Sitter

My name is Jessica! I work in the animal welfare field in NYC and currently live in Astoria, Queens where I live with my boyfriend and our dog, Daisy. My flexible schedule allows me to pet sit which is something I love to do and have been doing so over over ten years.

I grew up with cats, and my mom and I even fostered several litters of kittens when I was growing up on Long Island. She definitely influenced me in my love with animals!

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pet sitter in Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City, and the Journal SquareKaty
Jersey City Cat Sitter

Hi, my name is Katy. I’m an audiovisual technician at the Liberty Science Center. I’m available to go anywhere around the Hudson-Bergen Lightrail stops, including Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City, and the Journal Square area.

We’ve always had at least one cat in the family since I was 5 years old. I adopted my cat, Mackenzie, in 2001 when she was 8 weeks old.

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UES Cat Sitter

I am a freelance photographer and I’ve lived on the Upper East Side for 5 years.  I adopted my black cat, Balthazar, from a local shelter soon after moving to New York from Iceland, by way of England, where I got my BA degree in drama. Balthazar is a wonderful character who fills my days with love and humor.

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Sunnyside Cat Sitter

My name is Tegan, and I have been a cat sitter with Katie’s Kitty since December 2013. I currently have two–Catie, a 12-year-old tabby, and Layla, a 7-year-old muted tortoiseshell. As a cat owner and animal lover, I know how important it is for cat owners to ensure that their pets are in good hands while they are away. I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide that comfort to you.

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NYC cat sitter upper west sideLee
Upper West Side Cat Sitter

In October of 2016, after having used the services of Katie’s Kitty a few times, I decided that cat sitting would be the perfect addition to my life.

One of my favorite aspects of being a cat sitter is that I get to meet many different cats. It never ceases to amaze me how every cat has a unique personality. It’s so much fun to start from scratch and learn what each cat likes―their favorite toy, their favorite treat, that one spot on their back that they love to be scratched. These are the wonderful little discoveries I get to make with each cat that I care for.

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Bedford-Stuyvesant Cat SitterAllie
Bedford-Stuyvesant Cat Sitter

My name is Allie and I cover Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick in Brooklyn. I have five cats—Willa, Waffles, Barry Manilow, Gumball, and Feline Dion (rhymes with Celine Dion). I also volunteer as a cat rescuer and do TNR (trap-neuter-return) in my neighborhood.

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Bensonhurst cat sitterDani
Bensonhurst Cat Sitter

I am an animal lover and have been working with them since 2011 when I became a veterinary assistant. I have volunteered in the animal husbandry department at the New York Aquarium as well. I am thrilled to be following my dream to work with animals and help to make a difference in their lives. I am currently in veterinary technician school at Penn Foster College.

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Flatbush, Ditmas Park Cat SitterMisha
Flatbush/Ditmas Park Cat Sitter

Hello! My name is Misha and I’m a cat sitter in Brooklyn, where I’ve lived for a little over a year. In addition to Flatbush and Ditmas Park, I’m available for cat sitting in Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Kensington, and Park Slope.

During the day, I’m an editorial assistant for an academic publisher, working mostly on books about politics and forensic science. I moved to Brooklyn over a year ago, but I’m originally a Vermont native by way of North Carolina. I grew up with cats―Mac and Sandy, short for MacTavish and Sandra Dee.

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Bay Ridge Cat SitterMarinda
Bay Ridge Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Marinda. I’m a children’s book publishing professional living in Bay Ridge, where I’ve resided for the past three years. As an only child, I grew up with animals as my siblings and best friends, and I have racked up a life’s worth of experience learning to care for cats and dogs as both an owner and a sitter for friends and family.

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Park Slope Cat Sitter

Hi, I’m Sheila and I first started working as a professional pet sitter with Katie’s Kitty soon after my little dog of 17 years, Louise, passed away. At the time, I was also teaching pre-K and I found that taking care of cats and dogs (and sometimes chinchillas and other surprising pets) was a healing way to work through this event in my life.

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Park Slope Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Ellie, and I am proud to work for Katie’s Kitty taking care of pets in Park Slope and the surrounding neighborhoods (South Slope, Greenwood, Gowanus, Ditmas Park and Red Hook). I was born and raised in the English countryside in a family of animal lovers, taking home my very first pet from a litter of kittens on the local farm at age five. Since then, I have always had cats in my life and would not have it any other way.

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Amy O.
Harlem and Bronx Cat Sitter

My name is Amy, and I joined the Katie’s Kitty team in early 2017. I was then―and still am―a Katie’s Kitty client turned cat sitter! Since I had the best experience with Katie’s Kitty while I was away that previous summer, I decided to become a part of the team and provide the same services.

I grew up with cats always around, and I adore them! I was also the lucky parent of two rescued kitties―Callie and Yogo―from Animal Haven, but Yogo has since crossed over the rainbow bridge. It’s the same shelter where I volunteered for some time and, honestly, I wanted to take ALL the cats home. Taking care of animals has always been second nature to me. I treat every single pet I care for as if they were my own, which means plenty of recreation, petting, nuzzles, and snuggles.

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Astoria Cat Sitter

Hi!  My name is Melissa and I’ve been cat sitting with Katie’s Kitty since Fall 2013. Before that I would often cat sit for several of my friends around the city.  Being from NC & KY I grew up having both cats and dogs as part of the family.  As a teenager I had a special relationship with a very vocal and opinionated Siamese Cat named Pavlova.  We also had a giant rabbit named Wascal and I once had African tree frogs!  During college, I also had 2 beta fish that lived well beyond their years!  My dad now has a farm in KY where he raises feinting goats!  I guess you could say I have been around animals my whole life!   I currently live in LIC/Sunnyside in a small studio with my calico cat, Cleo.  I am also an actress who waits tables.

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cat sitter in Upper East Side ManhattanLaine
UES Manhattan Cat Sitter

I began my work with Katie’s kitty after the most amazing experience with one of our own fellow sitters, and fell in love with the idea of taking care of cats alongside my job as a kindergarten teacher here in New York ( considering I love cats!). I have been teaching for three years, and before that spent a couple of years working in public relations. I have a beautiful young cat, Esmerelda, with my husband, but am really wishing for another soon! Before getting Esmerelda, I have had cats at home with my family my whole life. My mother has fostered cats since I was very little and has greatly influenced me in my love not just for cats, but for all animals!

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Brooklyn cat sitterStephanie
Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, pleased to meet you. I live in Bedford Stuyvesant, and I love taking care of kitties in Brooklyn and beyond. I am currently working on my teaching certification so I can be a high school English teacher! I am passionate about literature and education, and some of my other interests include Italian food, Netflix, and getting a seat on the train during my morning commute. I grew up taking care of cats my entire life, whether they were my own or if they belonged to friends and family members, and nothing warms my heart more than spending time with a precious furry friend.

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Grenwich Village cat sitterAlyssa
Greenwich Village Cat Sitter

Alyssa has been residing in Greenwich Village since leaving Ohio 11 years ago.

She is currently a Media Buyer at an Advertising Agency and has worked for Katie’s Kitty full time for over 4 years. She grew up with many various pets and has been known as a cat whisperer by friends and family. Alyssa has 2 rescue cats found on the streets of Brooklyn, Brother and Sissy (oddly are not related) and rule her apartment.

NYC Cat Sitter

A long time resident of the Upper West Side and now Hamilton Heights, Jenny Olsen has been a Katie’s Kitty cat sitter since 2005.

Until recently, she worked in the animal welfare field for over 11 years. She combined her love for animals with service to the community by running a full-service assistance program to aid pet owners in need for the Humane Society of the United States. Now, along with pet sitting she fosters newborn kittens for various NYC rescue groups and works part-time in an Upper West Side bar.

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NYC cat sitter and her catEvelyn
Murray Hill Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I am a cat sitter for Katie’s Kitty. I have the pleasure of caring for kitties in the Manhattan area of NYC. By day, I am a speech/language pathologist working with 3-5 year old preschoolers with special needs. I’ve been involved in this wonderfully rewarding profession for 20 years now and intend to continue as long as I have functional vocal cords ;) I love children.

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Harlem Cat Sitter

I am a humane educator and substitute teacher living in Inwood with my two cat companions and usually a few foster kitties. This freelance work allows me the freedom and flexibility to also pursue my passion of caring for animals. I am pleased to be an Inwood cat sitter, working with Katie’s Kitty.

I grew up in a family of animal lovers who gave our four-legged friends the love and respect one would any other family member (if not better!). Cats were always a big part of my life. Mischief, one of my first cats, lived to be 18-years-old, and several others since then have had long, healthy, happy lives.

Read more about Carol

Jamaica and Forest Hills Cat Sitter

My name is Kimberly and I joined Katie’s Kitty as a cat sitter in 2014. I have a passion for caring for all animals especially cats. I am a medical student, currently studying for my board exams, and I live in Queens with my cat Sable. In addition to raising my own cat, I have experience as a sitter for a few of my friends’ cats while they were on vacation. I have also taken care of stray kittens that I rescued and cared for until finding them a home.

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Bronx Cat Sitter

My name is Andrea, and I joined the Katie’s Kitty team in 2014. I used a sitter from Katie’s Kitty when I first moved to New York and needed a sitter for my own cat, and they did such a great job taking care of my girl that I asked to join them!

Taking care of animals is just one of my passions. I work as a classical singer, and recently I’ve also been taking classes in preparation to apply to medical school.

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Hell’s Kitchen

My name is Gloria and have been happily cat sitting with Katie’s Kitty since 2012. I provide cat sitting on the west side of Manhattan including Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea and the West Village.

I have had a long time love affair with a series of my own rescue kitties, my current family consisting of Leo – a very talkative Siamese who is now a robust 14 – and his 12 year old lady friend Molly who loves to curl up with him and is very patient with his chatter.

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Washington Heights Cat Sitter

My name is Mike, and I live in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan on the border of Inwood. Currently, I am a full-time student of social work at CUNY.

I am a genuine cat lover! I had a cat, named Coogan, for over twelve years and cared for my sister’s cat while she was away. I have been cat sitting for Katie’s Kitty since 2010. I am insured and bonded, and happy to provide references upon request.

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Westside Cat Sitter

My name is Kathleen I have been cat sitting with Katie’s Kitty since 2012. I love animals, especially cats. I have always lived with cats growing up and now my husband, Robert and I live with our 2 cats, Boscoe, a Burmese and Charlie, a rescue Tabby on the UWS of Manhattan. Both Charlie and Boscoe have very different personalities, but they get along well and keep each other company. I am also an actress and work P/T at Bloomingdale’s as well. Pet sitting allows me to have a flexible schedule for my auditions and acting jobs and I absolutely love animals so it is something I enjoy.

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UES Cat Sitter

My name is Melissa and I have been a pet sitter and boarder with Katie’s Kitty since 2011. I am a huge animal lover, and have been my entire life. I grew up in Kansas surrounded by cats and dogs, and since then have worked for multiple shelters in both Chicago and Kansas City.

I am accustomed to dealing with distinct personalities and comfortable administering medication. I am currently a freelance writer and student, and when I am not out visiting and walking pets, spend a lot of my time working from home on the Upper East Side with my partner Alex.

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Manhattan and Jersey City Pet SitterCandace
Manhattan and Jersey City Pet Sitter

Hi there! My name is Candace, and I’ve been a Katie’s Kitty pet sitter since 2014. I love all animals. Cats are my absolute favorite. My first cat, Comet, came to me when I was searching for Halebop in the 1996 night sky. I never did see that celestial body, but destiny delivered my little furry best friend. We spent close to two decades together.

As a matter of fact, I successfully managed his kidney disease for 5 years. My family and I have cared for cats with various illnesses such pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, and seizures. I’ve become quite adept at giving oral medications via syringe or pill, and I can also do subcutaneous fluids. Seniors with special needs hold a special place in my heart.

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Astoria Pet Sitter

Hello! I’m Cristina and I adore cats. There has been a cat in my life since the day I was born— really! I have a picture of my first day home from the hospital in which our cat is sitting on my mom’s lap with one paw draped over me. In that moment, our cat labeled me “Friend of Cats” forever. So what better way is there to share my passion for cats than to help take care of someone else’s feline friends?

In the spring of 2014 I was working for a bank in Maryland when I decided that it was high time to pursue my career in voice over acting. I left the bank, packed up the house, the husband, and the cats and we all moved to New York. Since I have my own home studio, I was looking to find something to occupy my time in between auditions and I was incredibly pleased to find and be hired by Katie’s Kitty.

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Park Slope cat sitter and cat boarderAndrea C.
Park Slope Cat Sitter and Cat Boarder

I’ve worked with Katie’s Kitty since 2013 and am available to visit cats in Brooklyn and lower-Manhattan neighborhoods along the F train. So if you live in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Gowanus, South Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington or the Lower East Side, please ask for me when you call the office.

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nyc cat sitterAlicia
Manhattan Cat Sitter and Cat Boarding

My name is Alicia. In August 2014 I moved to New York from Kansas and started cat sitting and boarding for Katie’s Kitty in early 2015.  New York City truly has my heart! I’m a speech-language pathologist currently working in a nursing home with elderly patients. I have also worked in a preschool with small children. I love children and the elderly, so it’s nice to have the choice to switch back and forth.

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Manhattan and Upper East Side Pet Sitter

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jane and I am the purrfect person to care for your pet, be it a cat or dog.

Love of animals, especially dogs and cats led me to Katie’s Kitty/Peter’s Pets where I have been a member of their petsitting family since 2009.

I grew up with two wonderful Cocker Spaniels who lived well into their teens.

I am a former pet owner of cats and dogs, having been a proud parent to a Golden Retriever, Brandy, for twelve years and a Rottweiler, Kaya, for eight years after that, all while living in Westport, CT.

Read more about Jane

cat boarding brooklynBeth
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Cat Boarding

My name is Beth, and I’m a cat boarder with Katie’s Kitty. I do this work because I love cats, and I enjoy “hosting” them in my apartment. I think I have a special ability to sense the amount of attention each cat wants and needs (they all have different personalities!), and I find ways to maximize their comfort and happiness, knowing it’s tough for them to be away from home! (My profile picture shows me with Koshka, one of the cats I boarded recently.)

My love of cats started many years ago, when I got my beloved pet cat Esme, a beautiful tortoiseshell who lived with me for 14 years until she died earlier this year. She had kidney disease and cancer, and for two years, I hydrated her daily with fluids to manage her kidney disease. During all those years, I also cared for and visited cats belonging to friends and neighbors.

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nyc cat sitterJenny Deady
West Side Cat Sitter

My name is Jenny Deady and I have been a pet sitter with Katie’s Kitty since 2011. During my time as a Katie’s Kitty pet sitter, I have garnered extensive experience taking care of many cats with a variety of unique needs.

I love cats! Our first family pets growing up in Ireland were cats and, in fact, I do not recall a time when we did not have a cat. All our pets have been cats with two exceptions; some fish and a little bush-baby (a small African lemur). My family lived in Tanzania, East Africa in the 80’s where we rescued the little bush-baby (small African lemur) that was being sold at a market. We planned to let it go back to the wild but it decided to adopt us for a while. He was called “Mad Morris” and liked to swing out of our mosquito nets.

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astoria cat sitterAlexis
Queens Cat Sitter

Hi there fellow feline lovers! My name is Alexis and I’m one of the newest sitters with Katie’s Kitty here in Queens.

My love for cats started with trying to share cookies with strays on the street when I was a kid in San Francisco, and followed me into adulthood when my brothers and I adopted a small group of sibling cats, along with their unexpected kittens. I currently look after my roommate’s rescue cat Madame, and I’ve also gladly been a designated cat sitter for friends in the last couple of years, especially during holidays. I will never stop loving cats anytime soon, and love cat sitting for all that the experience gives in playfulness, fickleness, and shedded fur.

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Harlem Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Rita. I’m a 25 years old and have been a cat sitter with Katie’s Kitty since 2015. Prior to that, I was an independent cat sitter for about 3 years, ever since moving to Manhattan from Connecticut. I grew up in Paris and Connecticut and then moved to Manhattan to start attending school part time at Hunter College.

I initially started taking care of my brother’s cat when he and his wife would go away, They started recommending me to other people and that’s how I got involved in cat sitting, which has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.

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