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New York City Pet Sitting Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located all throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Even though our management office is on the Upper East Side, our dozens of host-family homes are spread over most neighborhoods in the city to help accommodate our clients’ needs.

I will be traveling to New York for business/vacation. Can you accommodate me?

Absolutely. Whether you are a long-time New York resident or traveling here for business, we will match you with your pet’s ideal living situation.

My cat does not play will with other animals. Do you have host homes where they can be the only animal?

Yes, indeed! Depending on your furry friend’s preferences, we can place them in a home with or without other playmates.

Do you charge extra for weekends, holidays, or if I live in walk-up apartment?

Our fees are the same 365 days a year. Our pet sitters are active and healthy adults and we see no reason to charge additional fees for climbing stairs.

What is the minimum/maximum number of days that my pet can be cared for?

We have no minimum day requirements for cat sitting, sleepovers or hotel visits. We do ask for a minimum stay of 2 nights when boarding in one of our host-family homes.

Can I receive a recommendation from a current or past client of yours?

It would be our pleasure to put you in direct contact with another client of ours. Once we discuss your needs and find the perfect sitter, we can have a past client of that sitter get in touch with you. We take tremendous pride in the quality of our sitters and the service we provide, and are thankful to have received such great feedback from past clients.

Will I get to meet my pet sitter before I make my decision?

Absolutely, yes. We want every pet sitting job to be perfectly matched for both the client and sitter. A complimentary play date or meet-n-greet is set up on your schedule to assure chemistry and a proper fit.

Are your pet sitters properly screened?

Our pet sitters must pass a thorough screening process in order to be asked to join our network of professional pet sitters. Each one has been through a lengthy interview making certain their intentions are in line with our business model. They have had their homes checked to ensure they meet our rigorous standards and are legal to work in the U.S. Plus, each pet sitter is insured and bonded through Pet Sitters International.

How much advanced notice do you require?

As much or as little as you can provide. We understand that last-minute emergencies, business trips and much needed getaways are part of a busy lifestyle, and we specialize in finding you the perfect pet sitter at a moment’s notice! Of course, giving more advanced notice is always appreciated.

Will I be able to use the same pet sitter every time?

It is always our goal to maintain consistency when caring for your pet. On the rare occasion your usual pet sitter is unavailable due to scheduling conflict, a temporary suitable match will be provided.

Will you take pets that are not spayed or neutered?


Will my pet be in a cage while he/she is in your care?

No, we never use cages. All pets will have the run of the house with their host pet sitter. Unless requested otherwise, your pet will be the only pet in the home.

May I check on my pet while I’m away?

Yes, we offer daily email and/or phone updates.

What are the hours when I can drop off or pickup my pets?

We do not have set hours for dropoff and pickup. Katie’s Kitty pet sitters are quite flexible and are willing to work with you to make your dropoff or pickup most convenient to you.

What days are you available?

We are available every day of the year, including holidays.

Do you have a vet to call on in an emergency?

Prior to taking care of your pet we will get information from you regarding what to do in an emergency, including the name and contact information for your personal veterinarian. If you don’t have a veterinarian, we invite you to consider. Dr. Attas of City Pets. Dr. Attas and the staff of City Pets come highly recommended. For more information, please call Peter at 212-288-5712 or visit the City Pets website.