animal rescueA new emergency rescue vehicle for the Northeast United States, was introduced to New York pet lovers last month. The new vehicle is equipped to help during a variety of emergency situations, and can house up to 100 pets.

From Shore News Today:

A gigantic holiday gift promising a healthier, happier and safer New Year for the animals of the Northeast rolled into New York City, Dec. 27.

One year after Hurricane Sandy, American Humane Association, the country’s first national humanitarian organization, unveiled a giant 50-foot-long emergency rescue vehicle designed to provide help and hope to the Northeastern U.S. in times of disasters.

Made possible through the generous support of philanthropist Lois Pope, Banfield Pet Hospital, Zoetis, and other major donors, the truck is the latest addition to American Humane Association’s historic Red Star emergency services program, which rescues and shelters animals in crises, and provides animal-assisted therapy to children and families following traumatic events.

“This new rescue vehicle is a major investment in the families, children and animals of the Northeast,” said Dr. Ganzert. “The newest member of our Red Star rescue fleet is specifically designed and outfitted to provide a wide array of emergency services and will be staffed by four certified and specially trained responders, carrying supplies and equipment to shelter up to 100 animals, and bringing animal-assisted therapy to children and families. The vehicle will be dedicated to the region so it may respond to emergencies quickly in the entire Northeast area. This strengthening of our nation’s emergency operations is a gift to all those who live here, and we thank Lois Pope, Banfield Pet Hospital, Zoetis, and the other major donors in this effort who care about the most vulnerable in times of need.”

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