dog walkerDog owners in New York City are being urged to be careful when walking their dogs. As the ice melts, the snow and water come in contact with metal surfaces, which can electrocution. The New York Daily News reports that a number of dogs and people have been electrocuted so far.

A group of concerned dog owners has issued an emergency alert warning pet owners in all five boroughs to be careful of stray voltage while walking the sidewalks.

The New York Council of Dog Owner Groups said the melting snow mixed with salt is a potentially dangerous combination for pets, who can get shocked while walking over Con Ed manhole covers and grates.

“NYCdog urges all pet owners to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings,” said the alert, which was posted to the group’s Facebook page Wednesday night.

The group advised dog walkers to avoid manhole covers, sewer caps, metal gratings and Con Edison repair sites, as well as all overhead scaffolding at construction sites.

This is just one more reason why we’re all so ready for warmer weather to get here. With any luck, spring is just around the corner. But, as long as there is melting snow NYC dog owners and dog walkers need to be careful where we are walking.