black dogHello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jane, and I am one of the host families (all bonded and insured) working with Peter Lindenbaum, President of Katie’s Kitty and have been happily connected with the team since 2009.

Having been a former dog owner and proud parent to a Golden Retriever for 12 years in Westport, Ct and after that, a Rottweiler for 8 years, I am delighted to say that I’m now a proud grandmother to 3 Rottweilers who live up in Nantucket, Ma with my daughter.

I have known dogs all my life having grown up with two Cocker Spaniels who lived out their lives up into their teens.

Having cared for many dogs of friends of mine and having boarded dogs whose owners have wisely connected with Katie’s Kitty,  I have dedicated my time to giving loving care to the dog being boarded and treating him/her as though the dog were my own.

I live conveniently on the upper East Side in a 1,000 sq. ft  one bedroom apt. so there is ample roaming room for your dog during his/her stay.

Since I am retired and at home quite a bit, your dog is guaranteed to have my undivided attention, which is backed up by being the only dog in my care.  We take walks four times a day unless otherwise instructed.  There is a wonderful park nearby and we can take some of our walks there if the dog’s owner says is it’s fine to do so.

Important to remember, boarding your dog with me insures you that your dog will be treated as though he/she were my own dog, thus, affording you domestic or international travel – without a worry.

I have excellent references from domestic and international travelers with regard to their complete satisfaction after boarding their dog with me which can be provided upon request.

You will receive emails every day, keeping you posted on your dog’s daily activities, unless instructed otherwise.

Please, do ask for Jane with regard to boarding when you are considering the best in quality care for your dog and peace of mind for yourself.

For New York City dog boarding, contact us today to set up a time to meet Jane!
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