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Mission Statement

Katie’s Kitty Mission Statement

New York dog sittersAt Katie’s Kitty & Peter’s Pets, our care-giving goes well beyond just the physical needs of your animal. We believe that, as with humans, there is a mind-body connection in animals. As such, the emotional state of your pet is just as important as his or her physical well-being. To that end, we take great pains to reduce occurrences of stress, frustration, loneliness – and yes, even boredom – in the life of your loved one.

We always take our cue from you. And so, if an exercise or play regimen is part of your daily routine, we will do our very best to recreate it. By first getting a clear sense of their emotional history from you and, subsequently, through our keen awareness and attention to detail regarding their behavior, the likelihood that your animal will feel safe, comfortable and content in your absence is greatly enhanced.