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Manhattan pet sitters

Manhattan Cat Sitting and Boarding

When you need cat sitting in Manhattan, we invite you to experience our personalized cat sitting and boarding services―cat care at its best.

When it comes to pet sitting in Manhattan, there are myriad options: friends, relatives, neighbors, veterinary offices, kennel organizations, and a bevy of pet sitting companies. We believe the deciding factor is knowing that your animal companion is safe, comfortable, and feels cared for in a way that lessens the natural anxiety that can surface when you can’t be there.

Discover What Sets Our Pet Sitting Services Apart

So how do you ensure that your cat gets the care and attention he or she deserves when you’re out of town? If the safety and comfort of your animal companion is a high priority, Katie’s Kitty of New York City offers several options where those factors top the list. Whichever one you choose, your cat will feel loved and cared for―guaranteed.

Cat Sitting

With this option, a bonded and insured Katie’s Kitty cat sitter would come to your home. We offer 30-minute and hour-long visits, once or twice a day. Aside from tending to all necessary matters (food, water, litter box), our sitter would spend the remainder of that time with your cat per your instruction (favorite toy, brushing, etc.). The upside of this option is that your cat doesn’t experience the nervousness that usually accompanies leaving home.

Cat Boarding

This is an especially good choice if you will be away for more than two weeks and/or your cat is more extroverted and craves human affection. In this case, your cat would live with one of our sitters in their home. All of our host-family homes are available for viewing. Many of our sitters who board cats also work from home, which affords your cat additional hours of human companionship. Among the amenities included in Katie’s Kitty boarding:

  • Feeding times on your cat’s schedule
  • No cages
  • Free roam of the apartment, including “bed privileges”
  • Secure homes with screens on all windows
  • Many daily hours of regular interaction and personalized attention

Cat Sleepovers

In some cases, especially when a cat can’t leave its own home and when even twice-daily homecare visits won’t suffice, we offer sleepovers, whereby our sitter would spend about 12 hours at your home, including overnight. Think of this as “boarding your cat in your own home.” Though logistics vary on a case-by-case basis, the goal here is to ensure that, pursuant to your instructions, your cat feels pampered and remains in high spirits while you’re away.

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To learn more about our services and our rates, please call us at 212-288-5712.

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