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Manhattan cat sitter – Cinda

cat sitter in ManhattanCinda
Manhattan Cat Sitter

I am an actress and certified life coach, living in lower Manhattan for many years.  I am a genuine cat-lover!  I grew up with cats and as an adult had two wonderful cats for 12 and 15 years, respectively, and currently have a male 3 year old tabby cat named Pembleton (my best buddy).

I simply adore cats and believe they are one of the greatest blessings on this earth.  Most of all, I would like you to know that I will care for your cat with the same love, attention and common sense as I would if he/she were my own. I take the responsibility of caring for another’s pet very seriously as I know how important each pet is in its owner’s life.

I hope to meet you and your kitty soon!

Contact us today to set up a time to meet Cinda, and schedule her for cat sitting!