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Manhattan cat and dog sitter – Kathleen

Westside Cat Sitter

My name is Kathleen I have been cat sitting with Katie’s Kitty for almost 2 years now. I love animals, especially cats. I have always lived with cats growing up and now my husband, Robert and I live with our 2 cats, Boscoe, a Burmese and Charlie, a rescue Tabby on the UWS of Manhattan. Both Charlie and Boscoe have very different personalities, but they get along well and keep each other company. I am also an actress and work P/T at Bloomingdale’s as well. Pet sitting allows me to have a flexible schedule for my auditions and acting jobs and I absolutely love animals so it is something I enjoy.

As a pet sitter, I will meet with you and your pets in advance to discuss your kitty’s needs while you are away. I can usually accommodate most requests. Some cats love to play and cuddle while others prefer to be left alone. I have also been trained to recognize animal behavior, as I volunteer at a local shelter, which has been very helpful to my pet sitting as well. I also send you daily texts or emails to keep you up to date on your animals so you can relax and enjoy your time away, knowing your pets are in good hands. I have excellent references and can supply those to you upon request.

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