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Manhattan and Upper East Side Pet Sitter – Jane

Manhattan and Upper East Side Pet Sitter

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jane and I am the purrfect person to care for your pet, be it a cat or dog.

Love of animals, especially dogs and cats led me to Katie’s Kitty/Peter’s Pets where I have been a member of their petsitting family since 2009.

I grew up with two wonderful Cocker Spaniels who lived well into their teens.

I am a former pet owner of cats and dogs, having been a proud parent to a Golden Retriever, Brandy, for twelve years and a Rottweiler, Kaya, for eight years after that, all while living in Westport, CT.

While living in New York City, I was a proud parent to two great Siamese cats, Ming and Kai and after their passing, was also a proud parent to a wonderful all white Manx cat, Muffin while in CT.

l have cared for many dogs of friends of mine as well as cats and now I am happy to be able to continue my relationship with dogs and cats while working with Katie’s Kitty / Peter’s Pets.

I am able to board either a dog or a cat in my 1000 sq. ft apartment located at East 82nd Street, between First and York Avenues.

My policy is to only board one animal at a time, unless your dog or cat lives with that pet.

As the owner, you do not have to worry about your pet, either dog or cat, when boarded with me or when I visit them.

I am retired having had a career in broadcasting as a tv publicist for CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Company) and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) all in their golden years.  As well as having been a publicist for Helena Rubinstein’s Cover Girl Cosmetics.

You owe it to your dog or cat to treat them  to boarding or visiting from Jane while you are away and I look forward to seeing all of you.

Contact us today if your cat or dog would like to meet Jane!