If you’re traveling with your pets rather than leaving them with a pet sitter, it’s important to make sure they’re ready to hit the road. Here are some things to have ready before and during your trip…

Water and water bowl
It’s a good idea to bring a few gallons with you, rather than risk your dog getting sick from water he’s not used to. If you run out, bottled water is an option as well.

Take along enough of your pet’s usual food with you. When you’re on the road is no time to run out or try out new foods. Many pets suffer a bit of stomach upset when going on long car rides, and adding a new food on top of that may cause some pretty smelly results!

Up-to-date rabies certificates
Some campgrounds and other accommodations will want to see up to date rabies certificates before allowing you to bring a dog into the campgrounds.

An extra leash and collar
Believe me, it’s a real pain when a dog’s leash breaks and you’re camping 20 miles from any store! Take an extra leash & collar so you won’t have to spend time hunting for a leash when you could be out hiking.

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