catWould you give up your cat for a swanky apartment? One New Yorker put up a good fight to defend his right to have his cat move into an apartment he wanted to rent. Check out Phillip’s story . . .

A very mean and probably loopy landlord recently tried to make me give up my cat, Mimosa, to sign a lease on an apartment in Brooklyn. After a long and drawn-out application process — I’m convinced that merely renting an apartment in New York City is a more arduous process involving more ridiculous hoop-jumping than buying an entire house anywhere else — the Mean Landlord sent a short but devastating email: “Our building doesn’t allow any pets. We are really sorry about your cat.”

Excuse me, you’re sorry about my cat? My first reaction was more along the lines of, “I’m really sorry but, yeah, I won’t be paying you any money to live in your apartment. I’m really sorry my cat’s better than your apartment, even though the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen were admittedly really nice.”

Once the initial state of shock had passed though, I attempted to persuade the Mean Landlord that having Mimosa in the building wouldn’t be any sort of a problem at all. I pointed out that the original apartment listing said cats were okay (it didn’t specify either way) and that the super who showed the apartment said cats were okay (he didn’t, but I figured he’d take one for Team Feline as he seemed like a decent guy). I also mentioned that at least three people with dogs came into the building while I was there. (I was exaggerating as it was just the one, a fluffy Shih Tzu-type varmint).

The Mean Landlord emailed back: “Those are old tenants that we took in the beginning; as of the last two years, we don’t allow anymore pets.”

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