As a courtesy, our pet sitters like to schedule a meet and greet in order to get to know you, your kitties, and your household before you go away on a trip. Here are a few pointers for a helpful and thorough introduction between your pet sitter and your cat.

Feeding supplies

If at all possible, have your pet sitter come around the time of day when you usually feed your cat. That way, in addition to simply showing the sitter where the food is, you can also demonstrate how to prepare it.

Cat waste disposal

For a sitter, knowing the location of the garbage chute or trash room is every bit as important as knowing the location of the litter box. You’ll also want to point out where you store your any cleaning supplies in case kitty makes a mess while you’re gone.

Health and Wellness

If your kitty has a history of making hairballs or has missed the litter box in the past, please tell your sitter. Unusual furballs or litter box behavior is how pet sitters know if your cat is feeling ill. Of course, if you kitty needs any medication, it’s a good idea to show your sitter how to dose your cat.

Toys, toys, toys!

An active cat is a happy cat. When we come to visit, our sitters will give your cats as much attention as they like. So, if your cat has a favorite brush, laser pointer, jingly ball, or feather on a stick, feel free to show your sitter where they are and how to use them. Scratching posts help to keep your cat entertained while you’re gone, but if you aren’t able to get one before you leave, please remember to trim your cat’s nails. Long claws can be uncomfortable for your kitty and dangerous for your sitter.

Favorite spots

Showing your sitter where you like to sit to pet your cat can go a long way to helping older cats or more mellow kitties feel well loved while you’re away from home. If your cat is shy and has any preferred hiding locations, let us know as well.

Katie’s Kitty pet sitters are very knowledgeable and friendly, so feel free to bring up any questions or concerns you may have on your mind. Remember, we love hearing about how your cats are doing after your visit. So be sure to send us photos on Instagram or find us on Facebook!

Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

New Toy!” by R∂lf Κλενγελ is licensed under CC BY 2.0