Once upon a time, on a very chilly March day, Katie’s Kitty decided to hold a giveaway on Facebook*, offering one dozen Catnip Crocheted Easter Eggs as a prize.

Two good friends of Katie’s Kitty offered to have their special girl, Nami, pose in an photo shoot.

Nami was more than happy to promote the giveaway as a kitty.


A happy Namine with egg basket.

Yet, once the bunny ears were on, she became the grumpy Nami Bunny


A grumpy Namine, with egg basket

Katie’s Kitty looked over the photos and wondered who would want these gorgeous eggs with such a grumpy kitty as the cover girl?

The grumpy Nami actually really loved the crocheted eggs…

cat…But you’d never know it once she put her bunny ears on!

So, the grumpy Nami Bunny hoarded the Catnip Crocheted Easter Eggs all for herself, refusing to smile for the camera.

April First rolled around. Baby birds chirped in their nest, newborn kittens kneaded the bellies of their mamas for milk, and April showers pitter-pattered against rooftops and flower beds.

Katie’s Kitty sighed and asked, “Oh Nami Bunny, why are you still holding onto these lovely Catnip Crochet Easter Eggs?”

Finally, the happy Nami Bunny purred replied, “Until now, it just didn’t feel like Spring! Now, take these Catnip Crocheted Nami Eggs, and give them to the people!”

catAre you interested in winning a Catnip Crocheted Nami Egg for the special kitty in your life? Click here for contest rules and details!*

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or For Paws and Home. Neither Facebook nor For Paws and Home be held liable for anything related to this promotion.

Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

Photos of Nami Hall courtesy of Kira Hall, text added. All rights reserved.

For Paws and Home lovingly crocheted the catnip easter eggs in a custom order for Katie’s Kitty.