The former Corporal Wendy Waghorn, of Canada, is now Pet Sitter Wendy Waghorn. She’s traded in her military life for one that includes plenty of dogs, cats, and other pets.

When former military Corporal Wendy Waghorn was deployed overseas in Turkey, she never thought she would miss her dog so much. Little did she know then that missing her dog would soon bring thousands more into her life.

Now running one of the largest pet sitting businesses in Kingston, Waghorn never suffers a dull moment.

“I honestly havn’t even missed the military,” she says. “I am so busy with all of these animals, I’m now busier than I ever was.”

Waghorn has been all over Canada and has now chosen to stay put, here in Kingston. She says it was hard not knowing exactly what she wanted to do when she stepped out of the military.

“I actually had to wait two years to fully support myself but my business, Kingston Pet Sitting, took off quick.”

Much of Waghorn’s business has been through word of mouth and online. With over 600 customers and over 1,000 animals a year, she couldn’t be more pleased with the success.

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