catA comfortable cat bed can provide your cat with a feeling of safety and comfort. The high sides helps cats to feel safe from surprises during nap time, and the fluffy material helps keep them warm. There are a variety of beds to suit any style apartment. Here are a few of the most creative cat beds to choose from.

Felted cat beds

These beds are crafted by hand, and they come in a variety of captivating colors and shapes. A quick search on Etsy reveals a wide variety marbled cat cocoons, more Tim-Burton-esque figures with twists and swirls, and event tents, trees, and hobbit houses that you can make yourself!

Miniature model tent

Speaking of tents, have you ever noticed that outdoor stores have smaller display versions of large tents? What do you suppose happens to them when the model is discontinued or the store goes out of business? Well, if you’re like this Reddit user, you can talk your way into taking home a new deluxe tent for your kitty companion!

Hammocks for under tables and chairs

Space is at a premium in New York City, so this hammock that can be tied under your chairs and end tables are the perfect space saver. Your kitty will enjoy a semi-hidden retreat, and you’ll get to feel extra clever for creating more usable square footage in your apartment.

Suction cup window perches

Practically every cat enjoys a nice nap in the sun. If your window doesn’t have a ledge for kitty to perch on, you can use this sturdy perch instead!

Shark bed

Last but not least is the ever popular shark bed, which is particularly a hot commodity during Shark Week! Shark cat beds are actually produced by several manufacturers, so be sure to read the reviews and shop around for the best price!

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Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

photo by KeithJustKeith on flickr