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Meet Julie – Our Midtown Manhattan Pet Sitter

Julie, friend of animals and pet sitter extraordinaire.

Julie, friend of animals and pet sitter extraordinaire.

Pictured here is the kind-hearted friend of the felines named Julie. She has been a Katie’s Kitty pet sitter since 2007. Having lived in the East 50’s for over 25 years, she is intimately familiar with the Midtown Area. Even after clients move away, Julie remains good friends and in touch, saying, “Their cats became family to me.”

An artist’s approach to empathy

Julie grew up in California, but after college, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. She even made appearances on Broadway! An artist through and through, she soon found new life working as a commercial artist and sculpting portraits in bronze, glass, and marble.

Much like acting, Julie feels that sculpting requires a certain compassion that has translated over to her passion of pet sitting. “Doing portrait sculptures demands empathy if you are to do it well,” she reflects, “You need to feel yourself in another person’s shoes to better understand their personality. Now, of course, I try to feel myself in another’s paws!”

Above all else, Julie ensures that her clients, and their kitties, can sense kindness, respect, and and understanding. She notes, “ It’s an intimate affair being allowed into someone’s home, building, and life to care for a pet.”

Julie's cat, "silly."

Julie’s cat, “silly.”

With cats as her constant companions

Julie views empathy as an important skill that she has been working hard to cultivate since early childhood — and she learned it from her own cats! At one point in her life, Julie was the guardian of 7 feline friends. “It was like living in the Serengeti plains, and I was allowed to join them in their habitat, which was my apartment.”

During that time, she also learned how to give oral medications and sub-cutaneous fluids, as well as easing other ailments that trouble aging cats. Without so much as a second thought, she even turned down an opportunity to sail the Greek Islands. “I would not leave my cat that needed fluids daily for kidney problems.” That was that.

Today, Julie is the guardian of this golden girl named silly (who prefers the lower case like bell hooks). “Believe me, silly is quite spoiled,” Julie says with a contented laugh. After a costly bout with liver inflammation, silly begrudgingly switched from commercial canned foods to a healthier diet that includes fresh salmon from the supermarket.

Now, life is good. Silly is 14 years old, and together, Julie and her cat dance, play tag, and enjoy a ton of games every day. Silly especially loves to be massaged and hugged. “Playfulness is good if they want it,” Julie mentions, “My silly is a touchy-feely cat, but some aren’t. I respect their boundaries.”

An expert with the toughest kitties

Julie recalls that her first few assignments were with what others would consider “problem cats.” “To me, there are no aggressive attack cats — only cats who feel fearful and become defensive.” In fact, Julie views these kitties as more feral and closer to their ancestors, which is something to be cherished. “If you sit down and really listen and watch, they will let you know how they wish to be treated… with love and respect.”

One kitty only ever appeared as a bump under a blanket that didn’t want to be disturbed. However, after Julie read to her and played music, she began to come out and get more comfortable. “Cats will come around on their own time schedule, not yours. It’s that wonderful independent streak that makes them so special.”

Whether there are shy, sweet, or even first time owners’ cats, Julie is happy to share her intimate knowledge of felines with whoever requests it. She often brings toys and a radio to her pet sitting appointments. For some clients, she even offers advice such as how to rearrange furniture and cat trees to give kitties a better view out the window.

A word of advice

As for how to keep your kitties calm while you’re gone, Julie offers the following advice, “Remember to leave a light on, and some classical music. Call Katie’s Kitty for the finest cat sitters in New York City! We are insured and bonded to boot!”

Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

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It’s time to schedule your New York City pet sitter for the holidays

call to schedule your pet sitter in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or The BronxEverybody knows how much busier life gets in New York City this time of the year. It won’t be long before the holidays are here! Amidst all of the planning, we want to be sure you remember to schedule your pet sitting or boarding for the holidays while we still have availability.

Believe it or not, our pet sitters have been gearing up for the holidays for a while now. They already have quite a few bookings for Thanksgiving through the new year, and many will become completely booked. We do still have openings though, and want to encourage everyone who needs a holiday pet sitter to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Here at Katie’s Kitty we offer two types of pet care services; pet sitting in your home, or boarding in one of our host family homes. We know some pets are more comfortable in their own homes, and for those pets, our pet sitters are happy to visit them on their home turf. For pets who need more human interaction, our cat and dog boarding is ideal. Many of our pet sitters who board pets work from home, ensuring the pets in their care get quite a bit of personal attention. We provide both of these services throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.

Prior to any pet sitting or boarding services, you and your pet will meet with your pet sitter. This is so you can all get to know one another. You and your pet sitter will also discuss pet care instructions, travel details, paperwork, etc. Before this meeting, it’s a good idea to write down any special needs your pet may have, as well as any questions about our services, or pet sitting in general. You’ll go over all of this information during the initial meet and greet with your pet sitter.

For more information, or to arrange a time to meet with a pet sitter, please contact Peter. He is available 8 am – midnight, 7 days per week, and can be reached by email, or phone 212-288-5712.

Whether you choose Katie’s Kitty or another pet sitting service to care for your much-loved family members, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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8 tips for boarding your cat with a pet sitter in NYC

NYC cat sitting and cat boarding in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and BrooklynOur cat sitters are lifelong cat lovers and take great pride in providing our client’s pets with the best pet care in New York City. When you board your cat in one of our pet sitter homes, in a very real sense, your cat will become family for the time you’re away. Your cat will be allowed to roam the apartment, snuggle with their own personal caregiver, and be cared for in a way that is as close to home as possible. Your best friend will be doted on as the king or queen that he or she is.

Katie’s Kitty NYC pet sitters will go to great lengths to make your cat feel at ease when she is stays with us. However, as you prepare for her little vacation, think familiarity. The more you can make your cat’s stay with us familiar, the easier she will settle in. Here are our top 8 tips for boarding your cat:

  • Bring food that your cat regularly eats to help avoid tummy upset.
  • Bring a bed or blanket for your cat to have at your pet sitter’s home. She will take comfort in having something familiar to snuggle in.
  • If you normally allow your cat outdoors, keep him inside for a day or two before your departure. If he senses something different is about to happen, he may decide not to come home so as to avoid it.
  • To keep her safe, use a cat carrier when you take your cat to your pet sitter’s home.
  • If your pet has any health problems, discuss them with your pet sitter ahead of time. Explain the signs your cat typically exhibits if he is not feeling well.
  • If your cat is on any medication, write out detailed instructions. Also be sure your pet sitter has your veterinarian’s contact information.
  • Bring a few cat toys that you know your cat loves so your pet sitter can interact with him in a way that is familiar.
  • If you have any concerns whatsoever, be sure to discuss them with your cat sitter prior to your departure.

Although your cat will certainly miss you while you’re away from each other, these 8 tips for boarding your cat will help make the transition a bit easier.

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New York City pet sitters are booking for spring break


Are you as ready for spring time, flowers, and warm breezes as we are?

It’s been such a rough winter this year, that we’re guessing lots of people will be getting out of town for upcoming spring break. Our New York City pet sitters are ready for your calls!

If you’re a current pet sitting or boarding client, please contact your pet sitter as soon as possible. Many of our pet sitters are already booked for the spring break holiday, so the sooner you can get your pet scheduled, the better.

When you email your pet sitter, here are a few important points to include in your email:

  • Exact departure and return dates
  • Any new health conditions your pet may have
  • Any new medications your pet may be taking, and how to administer them
  • New or different behaviors your pet sitter should be aware of
  • Anything out of the ordinary regarding your home that the sitter should know about

Your pet sitter may have other questions pertaining to your particular situation. Clear communication will help ensure your pet gets the best care possible.

We are taking new pet sitting and boarding clients throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. Our experienced pet sitters care for cats, dogs, birds, and other animals. They are quite flexible and able to care for your pets in your home or board them in the sitter’s home.

New clients can call Peter at 212-288-5712 to arrange a time to meet with a pet sitter.

Happy springtime everybody!


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NYC Dog Boarding – Jane

dogHello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jane, and I am one of the host families (all bonded and insured) working with Peter Lindenbaum, President of Katie’s Kitty and have been happily connected with the team since 2009.

Having been a former dog owner and proud parent to a Golden Retriever for 12 years in Westport, Ct and after that, a Rottweiler for 8 years, I am delighted to say that I’m now a proud grandmother to 3 Rottweilers who live up in Nantucket, Ma with my daughter.

I have known dogs all my life having grown up with two Cocker Spaniels who lived out their lives up into their teens.

Having cared for many dogs of friends of mine and having boarded dogs whose owners have wisely connected with Katie’s Kitty,  I have dedicated my time to giving loving care to the dog being boarded and treating him/her as though the dog were my own.

I live conveniently on the upper East Side in a 1,000 sq. ft  one bedroom apt. so there is ample roaming room for your dog during his/her stay.

Since I am retired and at home quite a bit, your dog is guaranteed to have my undivided attention, which is backed up by being the only dog in my care.  We take walks four times a day unless otherwise instructed.  There is a wonderful park nearby and we can take some of our walks there if the dog’s owner says is it’s fine to do so.

Important to remember, boarding your dog with me insures you that your dog will be treated as though he/she were my own dog, thus, affording you domestic or international travel – without a worry.

I have excellent references from domestic and international travelers with regard to their complete satisfaction after boarding their dog with me which can be provided upon request.

You will receive emails every day, keeping you posted on your dog’s daily activities, unless instructed otherwise.

Please, do ask for Jane with regard to boarding when you are considering the best in quality care for your dog and peace of mind for yourself.

For New York City dog boarding, contact us today to set up a time to meet Jane!
Image courtesy of James Barker /
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Battery Park and Financial District pet sitter

beccaMy name is Becca, and I am delighted to have been a cat-sitter with Katie’s Kitty since the Fall of 2009.  My husband and I have lived in South Battery Park City for ten years, I am a Business Intelligence Analyst for a large Technology Company, and provide cat-sitting services for the Battery Park City area.

Growing up on a small farm in New Mexico, we had a menagerie of beloved pets, including horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese, dogs and cats.  I care very deeply for all animals and their well-being, am a member of many animal-advocacy programs, as well as volunteer for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center.  I have a very special love for, and bond with, cats, and have been blessed to be a lifelong guardian for many precious fur-babies throughout my life.  Currently we own (or, rather, are owned BY) two mature rescued Siamese:  An inordinately affectionate and demanding 19-year old Seal-point named Waldorf (who must be given sub-Q fluids and blood-pressure medication daily, due to CRF, and who loves “stroller rides” in the park), and a newly-adopted, quiet, gentle Lilac-point named Bumble (who must be given twice-daily medications due to cardiomyopathy, and who drools non-stop when he’s brushed).  Our home is owned and operated purely for their comfort and happiness!

becca-catsSince working for Katie’s Kitty, I have had extensive experience pet-sitting for an amazing variety of precious kitties and building long-standing, trusting relationships with their owners.  I have fallen in love with each new fur-baby that I care for, and it has given me such joy to get to know their amazing guardians, who always have the best interest of their furry loved-ones at heart.

As your pet-sitter in Battery Park City, I will meet with you in advance, to learn all the specifics of your kitty’s needs, habits, brushing and playing preferences, care and feeding.  And, during your time away, I will send updates on our adventures together, so that you can relax and enjoy, knowing that your beloved kitties will be given the very best care and attention!

If you need pet sitting in Battery Park or the Financial District, contact us to schedule a time to talk with Becca!
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