Hiring a cat sitter to care for your pets while you’re away means finding someone who will provide your cat with enough care and attention to keep her happy and satisfied, while minimizing stress. Since cats are quite particular, you’ll want to make sure everything is in order before leaving your cat in someone else’s care.

At Katie’s Kitty, we offer both cat sitting in your home and cat boarding in our host family homes. And, while we have the utmost confidence in our cat sitters, we encourage our clients to get to know their sitter and ask questions before leaving. I this way you will be confident your cat will be well cared for. Here are some of the things to consider when you hire a professional cat sitter to pet sit or board your favorite kitty.

Unless dictated by an unforeseen circumstance (such as a hospital stay), do not wait until the week before your vacation or business trip to make arrangements for boarding your pet.

Be sure that you have a “good feeling” about the sitter before leaving your pet with him/her. Get to know your cat sitter!

Don’t assume you know exactly how your cat will be cared for by your pet sitter. Just because you had someone care for your cat in the past, it doesn’t mean your new pet sitter will do things the same way. Ask specific questions about the pet sitter’s routine and their home (if your cat will be staying in their home while you’re away).

Ask for references. Questions you might want to ask are (1) How many times have you used this particular service or sitter? (2) For how long was your animal boarded? (3) When was the last time you used this sitter (or the sitter’s agency)? (4) Would you use this sitter or service again? and (5) Did your pet seem perfectly okay in every way when s/he was returned to you?

Give your cat sitter good contact numbers – for you, your veterinarian, and emergency clinic. If your cat is being cared for in your home, be sure to let your cat sitter know where you keep your cat’s crate, and other emergency supplies.

For more information on what to look for when hiring a cat sitter, please see our full article, Points to Consider Before Boarding Your Pet.