Oh no! Your cat scratched up your leather sofa. What do you do? You may think that the leather is ruined, but before you buy a completely new couch, try one of these less expensive alternatives.

For quick repairs

Whether your kitty nicked the sofa by mistake or she has shredded at the arm until it looks likes a million tiny strings, you can do a quick patch job with a hair clipper and leather conditioner. Basically, you would use the clipper to remove the excess fibers and restore the leather to a mostly even surface. Then, the leather conditioner is applied to blend in the damage. For most purposes, you probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.

For more extensive repair

If kitty has been clawing at your couch for several years now, or perhaps the leather is starting to crack and show its age, you can perform a more extensive repair by using a multi-step leather repair kit. The components may vary, but most kits include a cleaner, filler, colorant, and conditioner. The process is similar, but the results are superior.

Keeping kitty away for next time

After restoring your leather, you’ll likely want to discourage kitty from scratching it again. Most cats won’t bother with a leather couch so long as there is a more appealing scratching post available. If your cat still won’t break the habit after that, you can use safe and humane training aids such as rubber nail caps or double sided tape.

Leather couch alternatives

Perhaps you’re ready for a change, and you’ve decided that the leather couch just has to go! For your next purchase, consider a material made from microfiber. Microfiber, also known as ultrasuede, microsuede, and faux suede, is made of ultra-tiny nylon threads that are densely woven together and bonded. Therefore, the material is stain-resistant and an unappealing surface for kitties to sharpen their claws.

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Candace Elise Hoes is a pet sitter and blogger at Katie’s Kitty. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

photo by Rob Marquardt on flickr