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New York City Pet Sitting Services
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Bronx Pet Sitters

Bronx Cat Sitting and Boarding

The areas we currently cover for cat sitting in the Bronx include:

  • Concourse Village (Yankee Stadium area)
  • Pelham Parkway
  • Morris Park
  • Crotona
  • South Bronx
  • Melrose
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Meet our Bronx Pet Sitter

When you hire a Katie’s Kitty sitter, you can relax knowing that you’re hiring someone that has been carefully screened, is bonded and insured, and is genuinely committed to your animal’s welfare, wellness and well-being. Moreover, many of our sitters have worked with us for several years – and all are loyal to their customers, offering pet sitting services on very short notice (for reviews of our sitters, please click on our Testimonials page).

Kennel Stay, House Visits or Home Boarding?

Bronx Kennels

At Katie’s Kitty of NYC, we would never disparage the good work performed by premium animal kennels and, certainly, there are some fine Bronx kennels that specifically meet the needs of the community. As the need for and interest in personalized animal care has skyrocketed in this city, there’s been a commensurate increase in the quality and range of services offered by what are most commonly called “kennels” (although now sometimes referred to as “dog spas,” “animal campsites” or “pet resorts”). Indeed, one could argue that kennels provide particular advantages over other options, such as the fact that your pet would be in a facility with multiple staff members – some that are actively staffed 24/7.

But the fact remains that, with the exception of time spent in roaming privileges (more frequently offered to dogs than cats), it’s likely that your pet would live mostly in a caged environment during the time you’re away. For those whose animals are more family than pet, the limitations of this milieu serve as the catalyst to seek alternative options.

Bronx Cat Sitting

Traditionally called “pet sitting” or “cat sitting”, house visits involve forming a relationship with an insured and bonded sitter who would come to your house or apartment once a day (typically for a half-hour) to tend to your animal’s basic needs during your absence.

This is a sound and viable option if your cat is particularly settled in your home environment and you sense that moving her or him would be a significant stressor. Best utilized in situations in which you will be out of town for a few weeks or less, your animal friend has the advantage of staying in its own home – an environment with which it is familiar and one in which it feels safe. If, for example, it’s your sense that your cat would most prefer “to be fed my usual eats, have my box cleaned – and then leave me alone, thank you,” s/he is an excellent candidate for this option.

Bronx Cat Boarding

If your cat just loves people, craves attention and tends to sulk when away from human companionship, you might want to consider going the “boarding” route when it comes time for outside care. This is especially appropriate for longer stays. At Katie’s Kitty, you’d be bringing your cat to live with someone with whom you’ve already spent time and whose home or apartment you have personally visited. What’s more, many of our boarders work from home and would, therefore, spend the bulk of their day in the company of your feline or canine friend.

Most of the host homes that serve Katie’s Kitty only board one animal at a time. This greatly increases the amount of personalized attention that your pet will receive. In some instances, the boarder may have a pet of his or her own (in which case, that would be disclosed to you beforehand). But whether or not an animal permanently resides at the host home, you would nonetheless be invited (indeed, encouraged) to visit the home – along with your animal – to get a sense as to whether the chemistry is right between your cat and the boarder. While this option is offered to every pet owner, it is mostly dog owners (for pragmatic reasons) that take advantage of what is commonly called a “play date” (there is, of course, no charge for this get-acquainted time).