NYC pet sitterMy name is Becca, and I am delighted to have been a cat-sitter with Katie’s Kitty since the Fall of 2009.  My husband and I have lived in South Battery Park City for ten years, I am a Business Intelligence Analyst for a large Technology Company, and provide cat-sitting services for the Battery Park City area.

Growing up on a small farm in New Mexico, we had a menagerie of beloved pets, including horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese, dogs and cats.  I care very deeply for all animals and their well-being, am a member of many animal-advocacy programs, as well as volunteer for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center.  I have a very special love for, and bond with, cats, and have been blessed to be a lifelong guardian for many precious fur-babies throughout my life.  Currently we own (or, rather, are owned BY) two mature rescued Siamese:  An inordinately affectionate and demanding 19-year old Seal-point named Waldorf (who must be given sub-Q fluids and blood-pressure medication daily, due to CRF, and who loves “stroller rides” in the park), and a newly-adopted, quiet, gentle Lilac-point named Bumble (who must be given twice-daily medications due to cardiomyopathy, and who drools non-stop when he’s brushed).  Our home is owned and operated purely for their comfort and happiness!

catsSince working for Katie’s Kitty, I have had extensive experience pet-sitting for an amazing variety of precious kitties and building long-standing, trusting relationships with their owners.  I have fallen in love with each new fur-baby that I care for, and it has given me such joy to get to know their amazing guardians, who always have the best interest of their furry loved-ones at heart.

As your pet-sitter in Battery Park City, I will meet with you in advance, to learn all the specifics of your kitty’s needs, habits, brushing and playing preferences, care and feeding.  And, during your time away, I will send updates on our adventures together, so that you can relax and enjoy, knowing that your beloved kitties will be given the very best care and attention!

If you need pet sitting in Battery Park or the Financial District, contact us to schedule a time to talk with Becca!