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Astoria cat sitter – Cristina

Astoria cat sitter in New York provides professional cat sitting and loving cat careCristina
Astoria Cat Sitter

Hello! I’m Cristina and I adore cats. There has been a cat in my life since the day I was born— really! I have a picture of my first day home from the hospital in which our cat is sitting on my mom’s lap with one paw draped over me. In that moment, our cat labeled me “Friend of Cats” forever. So what better way is there to share my passion for cats than to help take care of someone else’s feline friends?

In the spring of 2014 I was working for a bank in Maryland when I decided that it was high time to pursue my career in voice over acting. I left the bank, packed up the house, the husband, and the cats and we all moved to New York. Since I have my own home studio, I was looking to find something to occupy my time in between auditions and I was incredibly pleased to find and be hired by Katie’s Kitty.

When my husband and I traveled, we struggled to find friends or family members who would care for our cats the way we did. Countless times we would come home and find our cats had no clean water or a dirty litter box, and believe me they let us know they were mad at us for leaving them in those conditions! Every time we went on vacation I would be stressed out from worrying about whether or not our cats were doing okay. What I bring to cat sitting is for my clients to NEVER feel like so many people made me feel. I understand that cats are our family—they are our babies and they should to be treated as such by anyone who cares for them. From feeding to playing to brushing, I am happy to do whatever I can to make your kitties (and therefore you) feel relaxed. My own cats have some pretty odd idiosyncrasies, so rest assured no instructions will ever sound strange to me.

If you are interested in my cat sitting services, please contact me to set up a phone consultation as well as a meet & greet at no cost to you. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for your cat’s newest BFF, I look forward to meeting with you and your kitties!

Contact us today if your cat is looking for his or her new BFF cat sitter!