catOur cat sitters are lifelong cat lovers and take great pride in providing our client’s pets with the best pet care in New York City. When you board your cat in one of our pet sitter homes, in a very real sense, your cat will become family for the time you’re away. Your cat will be allowed to roam the apartment, snuggle with their own personal caregiver, and be cared for in a way that is as close to home as possible. Your best friend will be doted on as the king or queen that he or she is.

Katie’s Kitty NYC pet sitters will go to great lengths to make your cat feel at ease when she is stays with us. However, as you prepare for her little vacation, think familiarity. The more you can make your cat’s stay with us familiar, the easier she will settle in. Here are our top 8 tips for boarding your cat:

  • Bring food that your cat regularly eats to help avoid tummy upset.
  • Bring a bed or blanket for your cat to have at your pet sitter’s home. She will take comfort in having something familiar to snuggle in.
  • If you normally allow your cat outdoors, keep him inside for a day or two before your departure. If he senses something different is about to happen, he may decide not to come home so as to avoid it.
  • To keep her safe, use a cat carrier when you take your cat to your pet sitter’s home.
  • If your pet has any health problems, discuss them with your pet sitter ahead of time. Explain the signs your cat typically exhibits if he is not feeling well.
  • If your cat is on any medication, write out detailed instructions. Also be sure your pet sitter has your veterinarian’s contact information.
  • Bring a few cat toys that you know your cat loves so your pet sitter can interact with him in a way that is familiar.
  • If you have any concerns whatsoever, be sure to discuss them with your cat sitter prior to your departure.

Although your cat will certainly miss you while you’re away from each other, these 8 tips for boarding your cat will help make the transition a bit easier.