catIf you think Halloween is just for people, you couldn’t be more wrong! Pets are getting in on the act now, too – and it’s turning into big business!

From Business Insider:

It’s time to start prepping Fido for trick-or-treating.

The pet Halloween costume business is booming, with consumers expected to spend some $350 million to dress up their pets, according to the NRF.

Earlier this year, we stopped by the trendy James Hotel in SoHo, New York for a dog Halloween fashion show put on by PetSmart.

From caterpillars to bats, cowboys to hamburgers, these are the hottest pet costumes this Halloween.

This golden retriever opted for the banana split costume. While we liked the theme of ‘retro dessert,’ we think she should have picked something that didn’t wash her coat out so much.

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If you decide to dress your pet up for Halloween, we have a few pointers to help ensure it goes smoothly.

  • Make sure you can get the costume off easily. Costumes that are complicated to get off may pose a danger if your pet starts having problems.
  • Make sure it fits properly. Tight costumes can cause health problems and costumes that are too loose may make it easy for your pet to trip and harm himself.
  • Stay with your pet at all times. If your pet is left alone wearing a costume, it could cause bodily harm if something snagged or tightened, or if the animal swallowed costume pieces.
  • Remember that some pets don’t like costumes. If your pet falls into that category, don’t force it.

What about your pet? Will your best friend be strutting around Manhattan decked out in a too cute for words or simply scary costume this  Halloween?