woman and dogHere at Katie’s Kitty, part of what we do is to ensure you and your pets are comfortable with our pet sitter prior to any pet sitting visits. When taking on a new pet sitting client we have plenty of questions for our clients about their pet and home. Our clients are also encouraged to ask their pet sitter if they have questions about the service they provide. We want everyone to have clear expectations, and asking for information is the best way to achieve that.

If you intend to hire a pet sitter for the first time, read this short article from Boston. com. It’s written for a new pet sitter, but it also provides an excellent “how to” for someone who intends to hire a pet sitter for the first time.

From Boston.com:

When pet owners leave for vacation, business, or a quick family visit, they need to find an ally to help them care for their pets. Enter the pet sitter.

Yes, the pet sitter. A savior to pets and owners alike! So before you jump head over tail into your next pet care job, read these tips on how to be the best pet sitter you can be!

Discuss expectations.
Before you agree to take any pet care job, discuss with the owner what their expectations are and learn their pet’s needs. This enables you to make sure that you are qualified. If the pet has medical needs that you aren’t comfortable performing, it’s better to know now and not when it’s too late.

Depending on the pet, you may be required to stay at the owner’s home to care for it. Other pets may only require a check-in, clean water, and food. Note: If you are going to stay at the home, be sure to confirm additional details (Will you have your own set of keys? What doors should you use? Is there a doorman? Will their alarm be disarmed? Have they told their neighbors?) for the duration of your pet care job.

Some owners appreciate a daily check-in. Send a photo of their pet via text message. This will let them know you’re taking care of their pet and will put a smile on their face!

Schedule a “practice visit” with the owner.
Even if you know the owner and the pet, you should schedule a time to visit their home and conduct a “walk through.” You may already know where the toys are and where the food is kept, but “practicing” may provide additional insight. See where extra kitty litter and doggy walk bags are kept. See how the pet behaves when people enter the room.

The owner will also be checking to see how comfortable the pet is with you. If the pet is not comfortable with you, it may be best not to take the job. Don’t get discouraged: You want what will be best for the pet. If the pet is anxious, it’s best for the owner to find someone who puts their pet at ease.

Read the rest of the article here.