catAre you concerned that your cat has put on some extra pounds and wish to get her to exercise? Unable to do so? A treadmill may not be an option for your cat, but there certainly are ways to keep your cat slim and healthy. Here are some easy tips to ensure a good workout for your indoor cat:

  • Stop the kitty treats – This might lead to guilt on the part of several owners, but one needs to understand that food is not the only type of treat you can give your pets. Start by getting toys which will induce movements in your inactive cat.
  • Use a laser pointer – Studies have shown that cats love laser lights! The constant movement is irresistible to cats and they’ll bounce after the ever-moving light. Remember never to shine the laser in your cat’s eyes, as it can cause damage.
  • Give you cat something to jump on – Provide your cat with empty shelves, window sills, and cat trees for her to jump on. So even if you are not at home to play with your cat there she still has the option of bouncing and jumping. This can keep your cat busy for hours, as she explores all the nooks and crannies.
  • Try a new trick– Keep the bowls of water and food away from each other. So that while moving from one bowl to another your cat exercises and burns calories.
  • Food move technique – At feeding time move your cat’s food containers from one area to another, forcing her to move from one point to another. Treating your cat while moving her food around is essential, and will keep her interested in the game.
  • Use ordinary objects that grabs your cat’s attention – Most cats enjoy playing with paper, balls, wool, bags, boxes, and bags. Place these objects throughout the house, and your cat will prowl around as she hunts and pounces on her prey.

Follow these few simple tips and you will have an happy, healthy cat.


This is a guest post by Christina Lyttle. She is a pet lover and is especially fond of cats and dogs.