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Carol, Harlem and Inwood cat sitting

Beautiful tabby cat being cared for by a pet sitter who offers pet sitting services in Harlem and Inwood New YorkCarol Moon
Harlem Cat Sitter

Cats have been an important part of my life for about as long as I can remember. While I love and respect all animals so much that I became a vegan in 1996, cats hold an extra special place in my heart. Back in Oklahoma, one of my first cats, Mischief, lived to be nearly 18 years old. I brought five cats with me when I moved to New York City in 1983. Once here, I gradually started rescuing cats from the street. At first depending on other groups to find them homes, I finally became the director of a small non-profit cat rescue organization, The Animal Project. Last year alone, we placed over 100 cats and kittens in wonderful forever homes and helped get over 350 dogs and cats spayed and neutered. When the opportunity to join Katie’s Kitty as a cat sitter came up over five years ago, I was ecstatic! Now I can show the same affection and care to your lucky cats that I spend on my rescued felines.

Working as a substitute teacher in the NYC Public Schools allows me the time and flexibility I need to lovingly care for your cats while you are away. On each visit, I set out food according to your instructions, refill the water bowl, clean the litter box, and brush, pet, or play with your cat(s) if they want the attention. If they prefer to keep their distance, I respect that need as well. After so many years of caring for rescued cats, I am comfortable medicating cats by mouth, giving fluids and injections, trimming claws, and combing out matts. I send frequent updates describing my time with your cat(s) and try my best to keep them happy until you return.

Cats are amazing creatures, each one unique. If you decide you hire me, I will happily add your cat(s) to my growing list of feline friends!

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